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Mexican Delicacies in Your Town

Hot fajita

Do you want to enjoy Mexican food, mouthwatering appetizers and specially ordered dishes? Look no further than Don Juan Authentic Mexican Cuisine in Shelby, OH to satisfy your taste buds.

A Full Service Restaurant

Don Juan Authentic Mexican Cuisine will add an extra flavor to your event with our authentic Mexican meals prepared with fresh ingredients. We are a team of highly trained and experienced chefs specializing in various types of appetizers, BBQs and unique salads. Whether it is a family celebration, group party or corporate lunch; we will arrange it all for you.

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Let us know what types of delicacies you'd like to serve at your next event. We are sure that you'll find our food and service beyond your expectations. Call us for details.

Don Juan Authentic Mexican Cuisine

147 Mansfield Ave.
Shelby, OH 44875

Phone: (419) 342-2661

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